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Can masturbating as a young teen affect the size of ur penis?
im 15 now and i have been masturbating since i was 13 atleast two times a day. the last month it looks smaller than normal, can it make it smaller? can i do anything to make it bigger?
No masturbating won't make your penis smaller....
Young teen with a penis question!?
I am just wondering whether this is normal. When my penis is erect the glans of the penis (tip) isn't completely out. There is still some foreskin around the edge of glans only a bit of the tip is visible.
And also when i pull my foreskin back during an erection it really hurts, is this normal?
Are these things normal? if not what should i do?
Tight foreskin can be common in young teens, your body is still growing so nothing's fully sorted yet. I had this a while ago too. Basically, you just have to slowly stretch it a little more each day, maybe a few times a day. It eventually gets used to it and won't hurt at all, you don't need to see a doctor though mate, don't worry about that.

I'll leave a site in my source that should have a few tips about tight foreskin and whatnot.

Good luck!
Would anything stop a penis from growing in a young teen?
i just want to know
Her parents maybe
Penis Size? 4 a young teen read descpition?
well im 13 and my penis is 6.5 erect. I dnt rly know how big every1 else is cause im not gay lol but liek i was just liek how much it would grow more and stuff. well im 13 and i have pubes, and some armpit hair, and my voice isnt rly deep. its actually pretty high 4 my height and im rly tall at 6'3'' and im suppossed 2 be 6'11'' lol im rly tall so yea leave ur answer like how bg u were at 13 and how big u are now and stuff like that so yea thnx and also i dnt have any facial hair my face still looks pretty young lol like comparison 2 my tallness and im not gay and i am a straight a student so dnt say i should not b worying about my studies. all u guys know that penis size is important and u were all curious at one point so yea dnt be gay and give me stupid ansers. also im not lying im 100% trying 2 tell the truth. if ur just jelous because urs wasnt as big at my age then just dnt say im a mother f-u-c-k-e-r or sumthing cause its a pointless answer and doesnt help me at all
at 13- around 5 3/4
now (14) haha- 6 flat
and I'm like 6'1 or 6'2, have a lot of pubes, pit hair, little facial hair but i still shave a couple times a week and all that stuff
What is the average penis length for young teens?
I'm early 14. Mine is 5.4 erect (Flaccid it can range from 4 - 4.5.) Does it sound like a good length for my age? A few people have been asking me too - one girl thought it was very large for my age. I have seen q's on general length but not many on specific age? I know it's not really important but out of curiousity I'm wondering.
Average for full grown male is about 6". At your age you should just put the measuring tape away and go play basketball or hang out with your friends. Physical activity will help increase size. Besides, you have "bigger fish to fry" (no pun intended) right now. Getting through high school, or going to college. Know that even a small penis can get you into more trouble than you would care to handle.
Whats the average penis size of a young teen(14-16)?
just wondering my friend needs help
There's really no average for any given age. We all start puberty at different ages and it happens at a different pace. A 12 year old who has gone through puberty will have a larger penis than a 15 yr old who is just getting started even though they're both normal.

If your friend is concerned, he may just be a late bloomer. If you are also a minor, or a close relative, show him the proper way to measure and/or compare penises. If he's still going through puberty, assure he will grow to average size.

If not, he could compare with friends his own age.
Why are young make teens so obsessed with penis size?
I see often on y answers boys around 12 -15 asking about penis size. Is the idea of havin a big penis so engraved. Has it become a ideal of beauty to our guyren. as girls are pressured to look a certain way, is the big penis the male version of this? I wanna see your thoughts on this possible issue.
guys want a big penis, girls want big boobs... girls can change their breast size easier however,,, lol...
Do young women find the foreskin of a mans penis gross?
I am a young man in my teens and my penis is intact do girls find that gross/weird?
First off, I wanted to say I'm sorry to Sid. That must really suck getting left over your penis. There's no way that girl was right for him.

Anyway, back to the question. I'm assuming you live in the United States. Okay, In the U.S., about 60% or so males are circumcised. Although the rates are quickly falling, uncircumcised males are still a minority. Most girls I know of don't care if you're circumcised or not, but it really depends on the girl. I would say as long as you keep everything nice and clean, she won't have a problem with it. She might find it a little weird at first, but she'll quickly learn to love it. If a girl leaves you over a few extra inches of skin, she is not the right girl for you. She is extremely shallow and deserves no man. And when you think about it, girls don't have the cleanest-looking sexual organ either, do they?

Hope this helps, feel free to message me if you have anymore questions. ; )
I was told that if a teen has sex too young, he will get scratches and bumps all over his penis?
and his penis will fall off. is this true? im 14 and im still a virgin and i was thinking about losing my virginity
Yeah, that's pretty much the way it is. I don't know how they do it in your school district, but here they usually teach about penile molting in 8th grade sex ed.
Can someone help a young teen out please?
Please don't make any jokes or say anything mean but i just turned 13, and i think i have a small penis for my age, i've had my wet dream and have pubic/armpit hair. My penis is about 4-5 inches long this bad?
First of all, you are a little young to be worrying about it, and second, 4-5 inches is pretty good for 13.

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