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Bob Welch 1978 video of 1977 song "Ebony Eyes" is that young girl?
Valerie Bertinelli? Take a look - it looks like the young Valerie of near or pre "One Day At A Time".…
Yes Gerry that is her!!! WOW I didn't know that before...very interesting!!! Thanks for the info my friend!!! *Hugs* =D
Is it normal for young babies to have a temper?
Ebony has been throwing tantrums since she was about 5 months old, maybe even earlier. Is that normal?
My son has been doing this since about 6 months. He can get so freakin mad...and he's so stubborn. But he is also sweeter than my daughter. Sweet but stubborn.
What to do with our Cocker Spaniel, Ebony?
We have a 3 yo Cocker Spaniel who we bought privately when she was 9 wks. My daughter had been terrified of dogs, so we bought a smallish one from puppy to help overcome her fear. But at 9 wks we took the dog (Ebony) to show n tell at school. It snapped at one of the guyren. We have 7 guyren and constantly have guyren coming and going. While Ebony is great with our guyren and us, any strangers, especially young guyren she can bark vigorously at. She can go up to them, be all nice, then all of a sudden can turn and bite with a very angry growl. She has done this to about 3 or 4 visitors, all unprevoked. We were going to take her to the RSPCA & guys were upset so we had her desexed hoping this will help. B4,she has stayed at a boarding kennel twice, when we've been away & they thought she was a beautiful dog! So are we doing something wrong I thought. But I still feel nervous when we have visitors, especially guys, so she goes in the laundry, which is unfair. Undecided
This is the main reason I suggest mature dogs verses puppies. Between six and 8 months you would have an idea of a dogs personality where as the little ones have not come into their selves yet.

Be sure to have a crate for her and when visitors come put her in the crate. It is not unfair to separate them but with her being in a closed room you may be upsetting her more. There are people in her house and she can not see them to get adjusted to them.
How much to sell chinchilla for?
Unfortunately, I have to sell this chinchilla kit as we cannot afford to buy another cage, or have the room. Comes from healthy parents, and looks black ebony. Obviously will not sell until 12 or 14 weeks+. To young to tell if male or female. How much should I sell for, for each gender? Thankyou so much!
I recommend talking to your vet who will know who would be a suitable owner; that way you can be sure that the little one will go to a good home.
Which name sounds best for my novel character?
Bellamy Amberlight or Adyson Amberlight?

She is young (about 6 or 7) and has light brown hair. She is a relative of Ebony.
Thank-you in advance for your answers!
Bellamy, sounds more guyish, then if she grows up, her name could be Bell, or something. I like the last name, Amberlight, good one! :)
Kitten or young Cat wanted?
Im looking for a kitten or a young cat and rather than going to a pet shop I would like to rehome one. Before I go to any Cat rescue centres I thought I would try here first. I have always had cats and a few months ago we had to say farwell to our beloved Ebony who was 14yrs old. Now we feel its the right time to look for a new family companion. Can anyone help?
go to your local shelter and rescue one.
Ebony Oriental Shorthair kittens?
Not mixes, but pure black oriental shorthair kittens? For sale? Or young black oriental shorthair kittens? like only 1 or 2 years of age? Please try to find ones under $500 because all i can find are oriental shorthair mixes or ones over $500
You probably will not find one under $500 from a reputable breeder. However, some breeders have older retired cats (under 4 yrs old) that need homes from time to time (usually females).

Here's a list of OSH breeders to help you out - you might also do a search for Oriental Shorthair Breed rescue.…

BTW you might gett hooked on some of the other color OSH's. I first fell in love with an ebony one, then saw some stunning Red Spotted tabbys, and recently saw a very very stunning Silver Classic Tabby one (plus a cool lavender and white kitten at a show).
Magazine for young adult black females. . .?
I'm doing a hmwk assignment for a magazine class. It's my job (and yes, it will be graded) to come up with a magazine concept and design. I'm creating a magazine for young (median age 25) black females. I''m having a hard time coming up with a title.Any ideas? I love YBF, but clearly that's taken by a faboluous blog ( i love that website)! So can someone give me ideas... please? It'd be greatly appreciated!

-By the way, there are NO magazines geared for college age or recent graduate. My friends and I realize yes there's Essence, Ebony, ...but they're for the "older" crowd! We want out OWN lifestyle magazine. We don't need articles on divorce and getting rid of gray hairs..we're young! So i think my idea is fresh!!!! :)
A white lady at my job asked a younger white lady what color was she after she said she liked reading Ebony,?
Essence magazine, and Source magazine. I asked her what she meant by that comment and went on to chastise her for maing the ignorant comment. I was later suspended for two days by the dept. head. I am appealing now, but my question is..Should I have minded my business because it didn't concern me, or was I right to address the ignorant comment..I did not curse,scream,or make any rude comments, but I was suspended for intimidation of a co-worker while the white lady who made the initial comment got off scot free..Feedback please.
Hank Sr. said it best, "mind your own business, you'll stay busy all the time."
What are the rules for adding -ster to someone's name?
i have just met a young ladle called Ebony so do I call her the Ebonster?
Call her E-ster or Ebony-ster (sounds like Ebeneezer Scrooge), but not Ebonster.

The rules are generally as follows:

There should be an odd number of syllables before the -ster ending. For example, Ebonster, which has 2 syllables (E-bon) before the ending, sounds a little odd. There are almost no common -ster words or names that have an even number of syllables before the ending. That's why "E-ster" or "Ebony-ster" or even "Bon-ster" are better.

The usage of the new name should be limited to instances of surprise, impressive acts, first greeting, or out-of-character or bold actions. For example, upon first seeing the person: "Heeyyy, E-ster!" Another example, after she beats you in a race, "Woah, Ebonyster, I never knew you were such a fast runner!" or if she puts two chopsticks in her mouth to act like a walrus, you could say, "Look at the E-ster!"

Also, there is a particular pronunciation required for using the -ster ending with a name. You must try to emulate the west-coast accent of the United States if at all possible, as that is the most authentic pronunciation. Try to elongate vowels, put a deep but brief break between the prefix and the -ster suffix, and ride out the final syllable like a wave. If at all possible, accompany the phrase with a smooth head movement from back to forth, sort of a horizontal nod. You can never use the -ster ending in anger or sadness, as that will void the sentiment attached to it.

However, there is one important rule (and it is usually followed): You can't use the ending with common names. "John-ster" does not work very well. "Tom-ster" is only used ironically, and "Steph-ster" is also off-limits. One exception is the profoundly common name "Jane," which can be used as "Jane-ster" for unknown reasons.

I have a theory about the origin of the -ster. I'm pretty sure it probably came from the ending used in the English language to denote a profession - paintER, window makER, guitar playER, etc. But the preceding consonants seem to come from German, perhaps with the use of the word "meister" (master) in English-speaking circles. Hence the term "Burgermeister" or "Chunk-meister" (with the nickname Chunk). Then it shortened to just "ster," indicating the person about whom one is speaking is a bigger deal than just their name. Hence the usage today.

©, young ebony