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Are lesbians supposed to pee after sex?
I know straight women are advised to urinate after sex because of possibilities of Urinary Tract Infections, but is the same advice given for lesbians?
Yes, I don't know why you wouldn't.
But all the same, yes.
How do I get my brother to stop peeing on the damn toilet seat?
It's disgusting. When I sit down,ready to have a nice pee, there's piss all over the place. It's gross. And frankly, the world would be a better f**cking place without it.
It's so annoying and when I tell him he justs laughs and never stops?
What do I have to do make him change? Piss on the seat too?

I'm seriously considering becoming a lesbian by choice.
Just smack him in the head each time he does it.
Why do lesbians hate a mans pee pee ?
Stephanie loves the pee pee!
you're missing the point. it's not so much they hate pen*s, it's that they LOVE other women.
Why do lesbians go for girls that look like guys?
That ruins the point of it - you would think masculinity would be a turn-off for them ... If you're attracted to manly features then why not just go for a man instead of a girl that's a wanna-be-man ? I mean I'm a straight guy so I go for girls. Not girls that are on steroids and look so much like men that they make you pee yourself.
If you're a lesbian it has nothing to do with how a girl looks masculinity wise. It has to do with what gender the person is that they're going after. There's plenty of straight girls that prefer their men to not have very masculine features. A LOT of straight women are like that.

Likewise, there are a lot of straight men that don't exactly like the girly girl look and prefer the tomboyish look for their women.

And to say that lesbians go for girls that look like guys is extremely narrow minded, because that's looping everyone into the same thing. Not all lesbians like girls that are going for the butch look, and not all lesbians like girls that are extremely feminine.

Homosexuality has to do with what gender someone is attracted to. And just like people of all sexual orientations, people are going to have different preferences for the people they are attracted to. Just like some men/women prefer men/women that are skinny, and some prefer men/women that are overweight or have weight on them. Not everyone is going to understand their preference, but it's their preference. All in all, looks have NOTHING to do with what gender you are.
Lesbians and bisexual women: Are'nt you jelous of guys sometimes?
I get so jelous sometimes. They have everything really easy for them. They
• Can lose weight fast
• Don't get periods
• Get hot girls
• Can pee anywhere
• Dont have to take time to shave thier legs
• Can shave thier facial hair rather than waxing it
• Are easy to shop for, they dont have to look for the perfecr shirt, they can just wear t-shirts
A long time ago, when adam and eve were still chillen in the garden of eden god showed up and was like "HEY BITCHES! I GOT THIS REALLY COOL THING I MADE! IT MAKES YOU STAND UP TO GO PEE AND IT LOOKS REALLY FUNNY!!"

Adam started trippen! He was all "BRO! I WANT THAT THING!"

God gave adam the thing and adam started to pee everywhere because he could.
God turned to eve and said "I guess your stuck with the brain then"
Im a guy attracted to lesbians? (past the whole porn lesbian stigma)?
outside the stigma that all lesbians are pornstars, or chicks who dabble or say theyre "bi" for that extra attention. im talking down to earth lesbians who im told look "manly", but unless theyre bull dykes i dont see it?
i had a really good friend of mine (who was a hardcore lesbian) with whom i really connected and valued, there were times we hooked up but that wasnt "it", i genuinely really liked her and i always got the vibe it was mutual, ive already told her how i really felt about her twice (i was drunk.) and that has never driven a wedge between us since (or even made things weird since i always respected who she was and would like to just stay at a good friend level, she's gay you know? if i was a chick i too would go gay, women are just better i think) now shes leaving and while this is like the 4th or 5th time we grow apart i feel like i may or may not see her again, but thats not the issue,
it seems i have adapted a form of "gaydar" which draws me to lesbians more than ever, and its happening pretty often now. what is going on? i mean i like it but am i peeing against the wind? is it the chase or gold medal (which is pretty weak since, you know, theyre used to chicks) which draws me? do chicks feel the same way with gay guys? wtf is wrong with me? why cant i stop thinking about my friend even though im trying so hard to get over it? am i realy just wasting my time?
thats interesting. its like with my friend who likes me (lesbian) and hes friends with alot of lesbian or bi girls (that prefer girls) and he likes alot of them. in fact, he told me that if i were straight he'd definately ask me out. im not sure your specific reason, honestly i think it varies, but my friend says that its because he has a lot in common with his les/bi friends and he likes their whole self esteem. not sure if that helped but thats what i know =]
Lesbians couples who adopt guys, how do you teach your son to pee standing up?
I don't get it. Two mommies raising a son. How do they teach their son how to pee standing up? How do they teach their son how to shave? How do they teach their son to be a man?

I'm very curious to hear from the lesbian parents out there.
For the shaving part I pretty much taught myself, my Dad was never around and my Mom never really was the best mother in the world. It not exactly like it's hard to do unless you trying to do a goatee or something like that, but my dad was always clean shaved anyway so I doubt he could have taught me that stuff anyways. I actually prefer a beard atm anyways, easier upkeep.

As for the peeing part, it pretty much natural, I'm 100% sure my father didn't really help with my potty training. My biggest problem was peeing outside when I shouldn't of, like in front of a group of girl scouts walking by my house when I was 3. :)

Also if lesbian parents really have problems, which I doubt they would, I'm sure there male friends, brothers, fathers, uncles, male cousins, ect. could help out.
Is the term "straight" a no-no to gays and lesbians?
I have a couple of gay friends. When they lived here, we went out a lot and I always had a lot of fun with them. (So much so that one night I peed my pants laughing! But that's another story.)

They moved out of state years ago, and I miss their company.

I remember that they hated to use the term "straight" when giving directions. If I would say something like, "You go straight at the stop sign and turn right at the second light," I would be "corrected" by one of them who would say, "Nope. You go FORWARD at the stop sign and turn right at the second light." Nothing was ever "straight ahead." It was always "forward and onward" or something like that.

Was this just some quirky nature of my friends, or do a lot of the gays and lesbians have this same idiosyncrasy?
They were teasing you some more. If I could get someone to wet their pants, I'd use more creativity in my humor as well.
Next time, say, "you go gay at the first light, homo at the second light", that should get them laughing. It'd be worth getting to your destination a little late...
To all lesbians in relationships, please help me figure out my hersband's problem?
we're lesbians, we've been married 5 yrs, and she's *very* butch, while i'm an androgyne. she has no problems w/any of my other friends, except one in Austrialia, who hit on me online(my friend says she was drunk at the time). since then, my hersband has hated her w/a purple passion, saying that she trusts me, but she doesn't trust my friend...i don't get it..i'm not going anywhere, and i flatly turned my friend down, saying i was(and still am) madly in love w/my hersband. i keep feeling like if i don't watch it, she'll pee on my leg. this is the *only* issue we don't see eye to eye on, bc i feel like she doesn't trust me, like i'm not mature enough to say "no" to anyone, that if they just try hard enough, i'll run off w/any Jane, Debra or Roberta that comes along. why is she behaving this way?how can you trust your mate, but not their friends?
It sounds to me as if she is jealous and over-protective of you.

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