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What is it about the Japanese and young, beautiful, age girls?
I understand that Asia has a com-plete-ly different culture to the West and a different idea of what family is and how relationships work. But in Japanese horror fiction, there is this endless concept of innocent age girls falling into the clutches of evil men and/or being tortured and exploited, usually sexually.

For instance, take the Silent Hill character Alessa - young teenage girl of 14, gets tortured by a cult (in the original story). Rei Anayami in Evangelion - 14 year old girl with huge breasts who has appeared completely nude more than once in various episodes. The Sailor Moon series, which has more sexual undertones then a Graham Norton show. And other TV series which show schoolgirls running off to school, with their skirts flapping improbably in the wind.

I guess there's other ways of looking at it -innocence, the loss of innocence, puberty, general morals. But it just feels like there's this underlying layer which seems to make out that rape is OK... am I right?
it stems from how the Japanese culture dealt with foreing affairs: they saw they're country as pure and innocent, but on several times, it has been violently entered by what they thought of as demonic penetrators: first commodore Matthew Perry who used the threat of massive bombardements to open up to trade with the US (in these days Perry's actions would be considerd a crime), and secondly the beuatiful cities of Nagasaki and Hiroshima where utterly destroyed by the atomic bomb (whether this was a crime is still undecided: Japan was loosing the war anyway, so it wasn;t really necessary. To me it feels like kicking your enemy in the face when he is down and out already...). This dealt out a severe trauma to th Japanese psyche: it felt to them like collective rape of the young and innocent soul they saw their culture to be.

In a classic case of internalization and displacement, the 'young girl being raped by demons' developed as an archetypical icon. Since the collective psyche didn't want to be the victim in real-life anymore, they choose to be the perpetrators in fantasy. Hence the fascination with too young girls being torn apart by hypersexual demons.

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